Committed to the science of melanoma.

The Melanoma Research Foundation is committed to advancing a broad scientific agenda across the disciplines of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. As part of the MRF’s mission to support medical research to find effective treatments and a cure for melanoma, we are proud to collaborate with research institutions, investigators, government entities and various leading melanoma organizations. These critical partnerships aim to improve the quality and length of life for melanoma patients.

The MRF has spearheaded a number of scientific efforts and special research initiatives, including:

Research Grants

  • A competitive, peer-reviewed research grant program for investigator-initiated research since 1998
    • Grants for Team Science, Established Investigator, Career Development and Medical Students are awarded each year. Learn about the grant application process.
  • The MRF proudly partners with advocates, scientists, professional societies, the National Cancer Institute, the Department of Defense, the Food and Drug Administration, Congress, other nonprofits and industry to create an environment that stimulates the best research and accelerates its translation into options for patients and their families. View our scientific milestones.

To date, the MRF has funded over $14 million dollars in research grants. For a full understanding of our dollars spent, view our research research grants recipients or our annual financial reports.

CURE Ocular Melanoma 

Launched in 2011, CURE OM is the MRF's initiative focused specifically on ocular melanoma research, treatment and patient education. 

MRF Breakthrough Consortium

The MRFBC is a network of 19 centers of excellence in melanoma who collaborate on clinical and translational research. 

Learn more about the MRF's Scientific Advisory Committee, the MRF's CURE OM Scientific Steering Committee and the MRFBC's Steering Committee

Clinical Trials

Clinical research studies find new ways to treat, prevent and diagnose diseases and are critical to the development of new, more effective melanoma treatments. Patients who participate in a clinical trial have early access to emerging therapies and play an active role in the discovery of new treatments. The MRF's Clinical Trial Finder helps to match patients with a clinical trial that may be their best treatment option. Note: This will take you to the EmergingMed website page that fully describes this free service.